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There are over 1,148,000 Physician records within our medical mailing list, reach physicians and medical specialties within any state. Our unique mailing database enables you to target physicians and medical practices throughout the country. Like other healthcare professionals, physicians are consumers of journals, seminars, and other forms of continuing education in order to keep up with changes in their fields. Our file is compiled from over 40 sources including licensing and association data, professional and alumni directories, trade shows, and public information sources.

Contact us for a detailed count of mailing records per state or by specialty. All our physician mailing lists are provided in excel format for easy use and manageability.

Please contact us toll free at 1.866.625-8724 or email us with any questions you may have. We also offer Physician Email Lists which you can find by clicking here.

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    Last updated 08/25/17

The Physician Mailing List includes the following Specialties:

1. Acupuncture

26. Gynecology

51. Pathology

2. Allergy & Immunology

27. Health Maintenance

52. Pediatrics

3. Ambulatory Surgical

28. Health Practitioner

53. Physical Medicine

4. Anatomic Clinical Path.

29. Hematology

54. Physical Therapists

5. Anesthesiology

30. Hematology / Oncology

55. Psychotherapy

6. Audiology

31. Infectious Disease

56. Plastic Surgery

7. Cardiac Physician

32. Internal Medicine

57. Podiatrists

8. Cardiology

33. Naturopathic

58. Pulmonary Crit. Care

9. Cardiovascular

34. Nephrology

59. Psychiatry

10. Deg. Diseases

35. Neurological Surgery

60. Psychologists

11. Dermatology

36. Neurology

61. Pulmonary Disease

12. Diagnostic Radiology

37. Neuropathology

62. Radiation Oncology

13. Dispensery

38. Neurosurgery

63. Radiology

14. Ears, Nose, Throat

39. Nutrition

64. Rheumatology

15. Emergency Medicine

40. Obstetrics

65. Speech Lang Path.

16. Endocrinology

41. Obstetrics & Gyn.

66. Sports Medicine

17. Eye Doctor

42. Oncology

67. Surgery

18. Family Medicine

43. Ophthalmology

68. Surgery, Urological

19. Family Practice

44. Optometry / Eye doctor

69. Thoracic Surgery

20. General Practice.

45. Optometry

70. Urogynecologist

21. Gastroenterology

46. Orthopedics

71. Urology

22. Gastronomy

47. Orthopedic Surgery


23. General Medicine

48. Osteopathic


24. General Surgery

49. Otolaryngology


25. Geriatrics

50. Otorhinolaryngology


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